Data Cleansing – Deduplication

What is deduplication?

As one of the UK’s leading data cleansing companies, we believe accurate deduplication is a key step in completing an effective data cleansing project. With our experience of completing complex data cleansing projects we understand the importance of laying good foundations, deduplication in our view is the cornerstone of data cleansing success.

Deduplication means identifying and grouping members of the same dwelling to remove those with multiple entries at either individual, family or household level. The ability to define a deduplication levels is critial to success, CCR can guide you through this process to ensure that your exact needs are met.

Our deduplication technology uses a phonetic matching engine. This ties together records which appear similar and can be defined as the same. Take the example of Stephen Jones and Steven Jones both listed as living at 1 The Road, London. Phonetics will identify these similar records.

The benefits of accurate deduplication

The core benefit of deduplication is the direct cost saving.  Imagine knowing that you were mialing 1,000 individuals twice and then think of the associated cost and potential brand damage. Deduplicaiton vastly improves data quality and campaign success.

Deduplicaiton also:

  • Identifies and groups customers that exist in the same dwelling
  • Creates a single customer view by merging data
  • Identifies returning customers
  • Increases return on investment
  • Improves environmental credentials

Data cleansing, a vital step

Don’t just look at deduplication as a routine to run once. It’s integral to any data cleansing and should be completed at several stages throughout the process.

If you are using Salesforce, CCR have apps available to aid in terms of duplication. Find out more about CLAM – Contact, Lead & Account Merge.

To learn more about the benefits of deduplication or for your free data audit call us on 01980 592 999.