Data Cleansing – Its all about accurate data

Should I cleanse my data?

Why should data cleansing be conducted and which data cleansing tools should you use? These are questions which are often asked of marketing professionals alongside why should budget be dedicated to an activity which cannot be defined as revenue generating?

How important is data cleansing?

With a constant need to improve marketing efficiency data is increasingly and rightly seen as an integral component of the marketing mix. Through effective database management and the use of data cleansing tools and data cleansing services organisations are able to not only improve the return on investment from activity but are also able to improve important factors such as customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Whats are the facts of data cleansing?

To answer the question of why data cleansing should be completed it is first important to understand the facts. Database’s are static and people are not. Every month in the UK alone 500,000 people move house, 50,000 people pass away, 40,000 addresses are changed by the Royal Mail, 20,000 people sign up to The Mailing Preference Service & 475,000 company and individual details change.

Put all of these statistics together and you will discover that information on the average database decays at a rate of 20% a year. So for a database of 100,000 records, within 6 months, 10,000 will be incorrect. data cleansing tools identify these individuals commonly referred to as movers, deceased and goneways. From a business data perspective database cleansing services identify businesses that have moved or ceased trading.