Free Data Audit

The free data audit is created using ADAM and will show you how we can improve your database. This audit process has been designed with you in mind and gives you the ability to truly understand the data issues which are highlighted. The audit also enables us to provide you with an accurate quotation to fix the required data elements.


How it works

The data audit process has been designed to be simple and secure. We ensure that your data is protected at all times and through our free data audit you achieve the right foundations to make critical data decisions.

  • Contact your CCR representative to obtain your log on for ADAM
  • Select the file from your network location and upload the file to CCR
  • Sit back and let ADAM work its magic

What you receive

CCR offer a quick, easy and secure process that will provide you with a free data audit and a quote.

Your free data audit report will show:

Formats not a problem

We can take data in all formats. Discover more in our ADAM – How to Guide.

Don’t worry if data is in multiple files and formats, or even a bit of a mess! Our data migration services produce a single database structure which can be audited.

Free data audit examples

Sample consumer data cleansing and enrichment audit report

Sample business data cleansing and enrichment audit report

Get your free data audit report 

Simply call us on 01980 592 999 and we’ll arrange your ADAM username and password so you can recieve a free data audit for you.