ADAM – The data processing platform


Following on from the successful launch of ADAM in 2013 Amesbury based database marketing specialist CCR Data has released an easy to use online data submission engine.


Since the early 1990’s CCR has made a name for itself as one of the most advanced data cleansing and data enrichment companies in the UK, working with leading brands and not-for-profits organisationsFollowing the launch on October 1st 2013 ADAM has now processed over 40,000,000 records, thats a staggering 300,000 records processed everyday.


Access ADAM online at

1. Contact CCR to gain your username & password – 01980 592999 or

2. Log in at

3. Upload your data and sit back while we process your audit


ADAM gives customers the ability to quickly and effectively understand their core data issues and opportunities prior to undergoing any paid work.


If you wish to discuss your data cleansing or data enrichment needs in more detail please feel free to get in touch – 01980 592999 or