AICR Select CCR to improve data quality & depth


The Association for International Cancer Research (AICR) recently selected CCR Data to scope and complete a projecct to improve data quality and depth of marketing data.

CCR in consultation with AICR created a unique way of assessing the data quality issues within the supporter database. AICR now have a core of recent supporter data that is of considerably better quality and depth. More importantly future donation campaigns will now provide an improved return on investment due to a considerable reduction in direct mail wastage

“Keeping our supporter information up-to-date is very important for us. The process we went through with CCR was expertly managed, with a great deal of assistance being provided by their team. Although data cleansing and data enrichment can be a complicated and arduous task, the project ran very smoothly we are now in a great position to move forward.”

 E-Commerce Manager – Association for International Cancer Research

Read the full case study of our work for AICR



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