Blackbaud Europe Partners with CCR Data

New data cleansing and enrichment services help organisations be more effective.

Blackbaud Europe Ltd (NASDAQ: BLKB) today announced a new partnership with data quality specialist CCR Data Ltd that will offer not-for-profits in the UK superior data cleansing and enrichment opportunities for their supporter databases. The aim is to assist not-for-profits in maximising the value of their data and campaign returns.

Each year in the UK, 200,000 people relocate; half a million addresses are changed by the Royal Mail; a quarter of a million people sign up to the Mailing Preference Service (MPS); and more than 600,000 people die. Direct mail sent to deceased individuals is the single largest cause of complaints to the Information Commissioners Office. As another example of the impact of incorrect data on fundraising, Blackbaud studies have shown that a misspelled last name decreases gift size by 12%.

“Information in an average mailing database decays at a rate of 20 percent a year, meaning that out of a supporter database of 100,000 records approximately 10,000 will be incorrect within six months – a figure no charity can afford to ignore,” said Edward Spicer, CCR Data’s managing director. “Clean data significantly reduces campaign wastage and costs, and improves ROI.  Over the last 15 years we’ve developed leading solutions for advancing data quality as the cornerstone of direct communications. We are happy to be working with Blackbaud in providing our solutions to help charities increase their effectiveness.”

“Data accuracy and quality are critical in enabling an organisation to reach the right audiences, keep in contact with regular donors, and maintain valuable long-term supporter relationships,” said Jerome Moisan, Blackbaud Europe’s managing director. “Charities don’t get the best returns from their campaigns when their data is not in optimum condition. Our partnership with CCR Data means we can offer our customers advanced data cleansing and the advantages of additional data enhancement in a managed and seamless process.”

Data enrichment, including email addresses, age, wealth and lifestyle information, can uncover valuable facts and insight into supporter profiles and behaviour. Such rich data enables a precise and insightful single supporter view for informed fundraising and communications strategies.

Industry standards recommend that organisations clean their data on a monthly or quarterly basis. Clean and up-to-date data is not only required for best practice and regulatory compliance, but is essential for effective and profitable fundraising and supporter relationship management.

Eliminating the need for a third party process, customers can now benefit from the following data enhancement services managed through Blackbaud Europe:

Data Enrichment

Multiple Variables for additional fields (including email addresses, age and income).

Wealth Profiling of 250,000 of the wealthiest UK individuals (including wealth bands, investment types, philanthropic and charitable propensity).

Data Profiling to provide lifestyle, purchasing and demographic information.

Data Cleansing & Suppression

Goneaway Identification

Forwarding Address

Bereavement Processing

Preference Files

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