CCR & Experian set the Gold Standard


CCR data services set the benchmark for premium global brands — with Experian’s gold standard products, services and knowledge


CCR has set about precision engineering data management so that its clients know that the right messages get to the right customers— first time and every time. It’s a compelling approach that attracts some of the biggest and most respected brands in the world.

Whilst clients may be diverse, they share a common need — all have to reach their customers faultlessly and seamlessly. This can encompass charities that must engage efficiently with supporters such as Asthma UK and Greenpeace, as well as luxury retail brands such as Bulgari and DAKS, which insist that the quality of their products is reflected in the quality of their marketing.


CCR & Experian set the Gold Standard


CCR has grown from a direct mail specialist to data management solutions leader and the relationship with Experian has grown with it. It has led to increasing sophistication, both in CCR’s products and the partnership.


CCR is reacting rapidly to a changing marketing environment, helped by Experian’s depth and breadth of data and marketing expertise. Experian now provides segmentation insight through its Mosaic UK consumer classification, allowing CCR to enhance customer targeting and its cross-channel capabilities.