CCR Sign Deal with Experian Intact

CCR Data, a leading Royal Mail accredited database bureau and mailing house, has selected Experian Intact, Europe’s most widely used data cleansing service, to consolidate its entire suppression file portfolio into one centrally managed resource.
In selecting Experian Intact from Experian®, the global information solutions company, CCR Data anticipates saving considerable time and money that was previously spent loading and maintaining numerous suppression files for its range of commercial, not-for-profit and government clients. CCR Data will now be able to clean, suppress and enhance its clients’ data with online access to all of the industry’s leading suppression files, including Absolute Movers from Experian.


Edward Spicer, Managing Director of CCR Data, comments: “We realised that we were spending a great deal of time collating and updating our suppression files.

“By using Experian Intact we now can go to a single point of contact to improve clients’ data quality. This, combined with the breadth and depth of coverage Experian’s data sources offer, means that we will be able to quickly execute data cleansing requirements 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This will allow us to free up vital IT expertise to support the rapidly expanding portfolio of services from CCR whilst ensuring that our new and existing clients are getting the best data cleansing service available.”