CCR Starts Social Media Data Revolution


.The Data Cleansing and Data Enrichment specialist CCR Data has increased its product offering with the addition of a Social Media Append service.

Over the last 18 years CCR has made a name for itself as one of the most advanced data management companies in the UK, working with leading brands, not-for-profits and sport & leisure organisations. CCR have a rich history of delivering cutting edge data solutions ahead of the market with previous examples such as Wealth Screening and Email Append.

The newly launched Social Media append service is a simple, cost-effective way of adding social media usernames and further details to individuals on your customer database.


Directly increase your social media reach

Start interacting with your audience on the social media platforms they personally use. Follow or favourite them on Twitter, like or add them on Facebook. Engagement rates are very high – our clients report an average of 26% of Twitter users follow their organisation back.


Influence Others

If you know who’s popular and active online – you can find the influencers in your data. Based on the data we provide it is easy to identify the key influencers. For example; it’s likely that you have a number of journalists, celebrities, etc. in your database. In most cases, these people might not be the biggest customers or donors but make wonderful campaigners.

A good example of this is Stephen Fry. He rarely pledges to causes, but his endorsement is generally enough to make any campaign fly, due to his huge influence in the Twittersphere.


Reduce the cost of address or phone number changes

People move home and change their email address and even phone numbers, but their Facebook or Twitter profiles never change. Ask people by social media if mail or email is returned, if you can’t reach someone during your telephone campaign, tweet them to arrange a phone call


Chris Turner, Director of Business Development commented;

Giving our customer access to data from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn with billions of opted-in users is an exciting development which has been 2 years in the making. It represents another leap forward in the development of ADAM – The data processing platform powered by CCR.

Response rates from Direct Marketing campaigns are tightly scrutinised by clients and rightly so. What we do know is that multi-channel communication can dramatically increase response rates. This new product development puts our clients ahead of the curve and brings Social Media to a new level of importance in the world of customer communication and data.