Countryside Alliance Data Enrichment


The Client

The Countryside Alliance works for everyone who loves the countryside and the rural way of life. Their aim is to protect and promote life in the countryside and to help it thrive. They are the only organisation in the UK working across such a broad range of issues

The Challenge

The challenge was to identify individuals within the existing donor database who are affluent. The aim being to further develop the major donor strategy and maximise the potential of existing supporters.


The process began with a wealth audit of the donor database to assess the level of affluent individuals within the supporter data. Matching the client data to the Wealth Intelligence database of nearly 300,000 factually researched records of wealthy individuals, CCR created reports providing the client not just the number of wealthy individuals within the supporter data, but also the profile of these from a wealth perspective.


Through the wealth audit CCR were able to identify 15,000 records within the client database. Wealth profiling reports were provided for the matching records by variables such as wealth band. CCR worked with the client to segment and select the most relevant matches which would provide the highest return on investment. Through this selection of records a set of approximately 1,800 records were identified as a priority and the flag appended to the database and returned to the client for future direct marketing activity.


The wealth flags appended to the data have enabled Countryside Alliance to identify major donor prospects within its existing supporter database and most importantly increase the average gift from these individuals and improve the return on investment from direct marketing activity.

Client Quote

“This data has been extremely useful in identifying new contacts and helping to cultivate them, as well as boosting the income generated from the mailing. We plan to use this data further to develop our major donor strategy. The team at CCR were exceptionally helpful and professional and their extensive knowledge of this area made the process easier. We have continued the relationship with CCR and look forward to working with them again.”

M. Koch, Head of Membership, Countryside Alliance

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