Daks and ETL (Extract, Transform & Load) solution

The Client

Daks Simpson Ltd has been a luxury clothing retailer since 1894, and their products are sold in over 2,000 different retail outlets in 30 countries.

The Challenge

The challenge was to provide a rapid and inexpensive data integration solution between existing client/partner systems and the current CRM software (Salesforce) allowing the data to be visible and accessible.

The solution needed to be able to synchronise customer, sales and product data from the EPOS system as well as customer data from the website.


The solution implemented used CCR’s experience of Salesforce and ETL.

Extract – Flat file data feeds exported from existing client systems are securely placed onto CCR’s FTP site or emailed direct to CCR. The data feeds are then imported into SQL Server, where they are merged and normalized according to requirements.

Transform – The incoming customer data is de-duplicated internally before being de duplicated against all existing contact data in Salesforce. The data movement to Salesforce is carried out by CCR’s custom CLR (Common Language Runtime) stored procedure which is capable of “querying” Salesforce directly. The de-duplication is carried out using the phonetic, fuzzy-matching de-duplication
software using a tried and tested combination of keys and settings.

Load – Once the de-duplication has been completed, the contact records are either inserted or updated in Salesforce, followed by any other type of data required by the client. All data that has been updated or inserted in Salesforce since the last processing date of the solution is then exported back to the FTP site ready for retrieval by the legacy system data partner.


CCR developed an easily customisable hosted synchronisation solution to facilitate the transfer of data between legacy client systems and Salesforce. The solution is entirely automated and can be scheduled to run to suit each client’s needs (e.g. weekly, monthly). It is capable of handling various types of data (e.g. contacts, sales, products etc.) in feeds from multiple sources and performing de-duplication and merging between all contact data records.


Due to the virtually limitless customisation Salesforce has to offer, nearly any type of client data can be uploaded into their own unique instance and represented in a relational manner, enabling vast and accessible reporting capabilities. This solution gave Daks total visibility across all their data sources with speed and ease allowing Daks to efficiently report on contact and transactional data, enabling more effective marketing strategies which reduced costs and increased revenue.

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