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Data Cleaning for Greenpeace – CCR Data Ltd

Data Cleaning for Greenpeace


The Client

The underlying goal of Greenpeace is to create a green and peaceful world – an earth that is ecologically healthy and able to nurture life in all its diversity.

The Challenge

Greenpeace had large active and lapsed donor files which received regular communication; data quality had however become a concern due to an increase in return mail volumes and reduction in response rates. Wasted paper was a concern and Greenpeace were keen to discover the reasons for this and find a solution.


Due to the complexity of the supplied files and the size of the databases CCR created bespoke audits. This enabled Greenpeace to assess the quality of the address information they held for both lapsed and active donors. These audits were designed to flag individuals and households who were deceased, goneaway or had moved address. The audits highlighted areas of concern and quotes were subsequently provided for data cleaning.

All records were matched and reverse matched to PAF (Postal address file) to improve address structure and quality. Due to the volume of data, duplicates were also removed prior to screening which reduced costs; results were then extrapolated across sets. Data cleaning processes flagged all goneaways, movers and deceased individuals. Known suppressions (already flagged by Greenpeace) were submitted separately to ensure the client did not pay for flags again but could purchase addresses for any individuals who had moved.
In addition the audit process provided further improvement as a number of records did not contain an email address and/or telephone number. Those records were submitted for Email-Append and Telephone Append and results were supplied to Greenpeace. An additional file of supporters with only email addresses and no postal addresses was provided and compared to those results from the main file to identify duplicate records and assign the correct address and supporter ID.


CCR were working under considerable time restraints due to a change in the project team at Greenpeace and completed the auditing and cleaning of all Greenpeace files within the required project timeline. All duplicates at agreed levels and all records identified by suppression screening to be deceased, goneway or a mover were flagged. This equated to over 10% of the donor files.

Lapsed donors who had moved address were traced and re-contacted and approximately 2% of the data had an email address appended to it allowing new contact methods for existing donors.


Greenpeace are now able to focus on strategy knowing that data is of better quality. Communication channels have been re-established for a number of lapsed supporters and direct marketing spend is not being used to mail people who are no longer at that address. Greenpeace have reduced wasted paper, ink and envelopes.

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