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Data Cleansing – Mailwise – A Blackbaud Partnership – CCR Data Ltd

Data Cleansing – Mailwise – A Blackbaud Partnership


The Client

Blackbaud has been supplying software and services to not-for-profit organisations for more than 30 years. It works with more 30,000 not-for-profits in more than 60 countries, all of whom use Blackbaud’s technology and expertise to empower customers to drive change.

Blackbaud has a range of databases designed to suit different sized not-for-profits. These include Blackbaud CRM®, The Raiser’s Edge® and eTapestry®, all of which provide a more detailed and holistic view of supporters, enabling efficient and successful fundraising, membership and CRM, engagement as well as building stronger long-term relationships.

The Challenge

Blackbaud and their UK Raiser’s Edge customers were actively seeking to improve the quality of their data, reduce cost, improve response rates, protect their brand as well as drive organisational change through the use of data. It was decided to partner with CCR Data to help to do this.

The Solution

The simple answer to the challenge was to utilise ADAM, the data processing platform owned and operated by CCR Data. By accessing ADAM, Blackbaud clients are able to carry out cleansing services such as de-duplication, PAF validation and update, deceased and goneaway screening, new address updates, telephone append, email append, MOSAIC profiling and factual wealth screening.

Due to complexity of The Raiser’s Edge® ® and the size of the databases held within the system, it was necessary for CCR to create a bespoke data auditing and cleansing solution. Through the use of CCR’s processing platform ADAM, the Mailwise service was created. With dedicated technical resource, from both Blackbaud and CCR, a full export and import process was created. This enabled any Raisers Edge user to be supplied with a free of charge data audit, by following a simple guide and utilising the Blackbaud support team. The audit was specifically designed to identify areas of focus and improvement for further discussion.

Following the completion of a data audit, users of the Mailwise service pick and choose, in consultation with their Mailwise representative, the relevant services which will achieve the greatest cost reduction as well as which will add the greatest long term value. Any audits produced include a saving calculator, that shows a client in real terms what the cost of data cleansing and the savings which can be achieved through the cleansing process.

Upon approval of a project, the data is re-processed through ADAM to ensure that the most accurate data results are returned before immediately being output and returned in a predefined complex file structure. This output structure enables the client’s data to be imported back into The Raisers Edge in the most effective way possible. Due to the unique nature of the data tables and complexity of the information held, this process is overseen by Blackbaud’s UK support team, ensuring that the client needs are met.

Following the successful import of cleansed and enriched data, a series of queries are supplied to the Mailwise client enabling them to manage records which have been defined through the cleansing process as action required. This further step and guidance provided, ensures that not only programmatic data changes are considered but that all follow up requirements are actioned.

The Results

During 2013/14 the Mailwise service has proven to be driving fundamental organisational change through the use of data cleansing and data enrichment services. During a 12 month period, over 100 UK not-for-profits have processed a combined total of more than 20 million records which has led to an estimated customer cost saving of over £650,000.

The Mailwise service, utilising ADAM, now has the ability to process large volumes of data in a fraction of the time needed in traditional bureau environments. However, the real efficiencies of the service lie in the process change that is derived by the complex creation of import routines. In a typical situation, the import of cleansed data by a user of The Raisers Edge would take several hours of investigation, several hours of import time and additional investigation into imported data to ensure no issues have been experienced. This time has now been reduced due to a single import file taking a matter of minutes to import, which enables the client to focus their resources on other projects.

The Conclusion

By utilising ADAM Mailwise accesses a unique set of data sources and solutions proven to deliver exceptional results for a large number of customers. Blackbaud Mailwise harnesses the power of a customers database and has been specifically designed with a customer in mind, delivering complex and often challenging solutions. All services are provided through a single point of contact enabling consistency irrespective of the customers technical knowledge and experience.

With hundreds of users each year Mailwise has an undeniable track record of results.

Client Comment

Elliot Gowans, General Manager – Core Markets at Blackbaud Europe Ltd

“By offering the Mailwise service via our partnership with CCR Data, we are able to deliver savings in both costs and time to our customers. All too frequently, we were hearing customers tell us that the effort of importing/exporting data was so time consuming that it was preferable not to enhance their data at all! This was our “light bulb” moment a few years ago….what if we could take care of the data, provide a free audit report and allow our customers to make an informed choice? In all our time delivering the Mailwise service, we have never seen an occasion where cleaning data will not save a customer money when compared to using existing “dirty” data!

Nigel Cloutt, Head of IT and Data at St Wilfrid’s Hospice

“Having Blackbaud carry out a regular cleanse of our data means that we no longer have to pay our mailing house to do this,” explained Nigel. “This is saving us in the region of £200 for every mailing we send, which is fantastic! Not to mention the improvement in the quality of our data. In our most recent mailing we sent out 14,000 newsletters, of which only 92 were returned. This is a phenomenal result and well below industry averages.”

Jenny Harris, Fundraiser at Jerry Green Dog Rescue

“We chose Blackbaud as the customer service is excellent and it was a straight import from the data cleanse into the database – rather than us having to format an import file!

The service was great – very easy to send/receive information.”