Data Scrubbing & Cleansing – The Quality Challenge

Data cleansing, data scrubbing or data cleaning - What ever you call it you should talk to CCR

Data cleansing is the first step to ensuring you maximise the potential return on investment from your data. Does your data deliver true measurable results and can you honestly say that your data is working harder than you?

Data cleansing, data scrubbing or data cleaning as it’s sometimes called is quite simply the first step to ensuring you maximise the potential return on investment from your data. We all know that data changes and we all know that keeping track of these changes can be problematic.

Free data audit

Is your data as clean as it could be?

the only way to find this out is either by mailing your entire file and counting the returns and the cost of these returns or by utilising a data cleansing service.

Our free data audit provides an accurate picture of the data you hold informing you of the real state of play in terms of your data quality and your need to complete a data cleansing exercise.

What percentage of your data is undeliverable and how many records are incomplete? Does your database contain deceased individuals? Can you submit the cleanest file we have ever seen?

If you perform regular data cleansing you benefit from all of the following:

Reduced costs

Save money on your mailings. Data scrubbing appends flags to indicate deceased and gone away records. Consequently these can then be excluded from campaigns as well as providing new addresses for movers. Clean data qualifies for the full Mailsort discount. By mailing less, you also reduce your postage and production cost.

Protect your brand by not mailing duplicates

Sending the same mailing to someone twice or addressing the mailing to someone who has moved is brand damaging. You are far more likely to discount a company who has sent you mailings with incorrect information. Data cleansing enables the accurate flagging and management of duplicates.

Increase response rates

By excluding those individuals or businesses that are no longer at the address for whatever reason you can mail less and still receive the same number of responses. This can dramatically improve your response rate and provide accurate insight to aid your marketing strategy. Without data cleansing you cannot accurately measure your response rate as your figures are effected by records which need not be mailed or contacted.

Improve your environmental credentials

You only have to look at a pile of goneways to understand the environmental impact of these from a paper perspective. Then take into account the printing and the carbon emissions to post them and you begin to see the real environmental picture. Imagine the effect of not data cleansing for an organisation like Greenpeace.

Comply with Direct Marketing Association best practice

The Direct Marketing Association has compiled best practice guidelines for all organisations carrying out direct marketing activities. These best practice guidelines refer to data cleansing as “a critical foundation for customer relationship management”.

Submit your data to CCR for a free of charge data audit and challenge your data.