Deceased Screening

Removing deceased individuals (deceased screening) from marketing communications is a key step in data cleansing.

Why use deceased screening?

  • Mailing deceased individuals is the single largest cause of complaints to the Information Commissioners Office
  • Deceased screening reduces wasted mail costs
  • Reduces the risk of causing emotional distress for the family of the deceased individuals
  • 600,000 people per year pass away in the UK

CCR use multiple source of data for deceased screening, all of which provide historical sets of data for confirmed deceased individuals.

Mortality Suppressions from Experian

This file is a composite file of proprietary Experian deceased data and public record information to which Experian can append an address.  There are over 2.5m individuals on the file, many of whom are not included on other commercially available sources.

  • Source: Experian
  • Update frequency: Monthly


Mortascreen contains the name and address details of over 9 million deceased individuals and is updated with an average of 40,000 records per month.

Data is received from the Funeral Directors, Financial Institutions, free post forms that are issued to the deceased person’s family for completion at the time of death registration and the Probate office.

Furthermore, all data is fully verified with actual date of death (not date added to the file) and includes exclusive sources not available to any other company.

  • Source: Wilmington Millennium
  • Update frequency: Bi-Weekly

The National Deceased Register

 The National Deceased Register differs from other files in the UK market, in that it is built using data derived from the management of financial services products including life insurance, pensions and annuities. The file does not contain any volunteered data and, as such, delivers consistently high levels of accuracy. NDR records date back to 2000 and provide in excess of 4.3m deceased records.


  • Source: The ARK
  • Update frequency: Monthly


The Bereavement Register

 The Bereavement Register (TBR) gathers fully permissioned, verified registration data directly from the bereaved. Death Certificate Folders distributed to UK Registrars, contain a FREEPOST tear off registration form and are given to bereaved families.

Amongst other key organisations that come into contact with the bereaved thousands offer this service, such as funeral directors, hospitals, hospices, police liaison officers, solicitors, charities and coroners


  • Source: The REaD Group
  • Update frequency: Monthly