Goneaway Screening

Removing undeliverable mail is critical to data cleansing success.

Goneaway screening is where someone is known to have goneaway from the address you supply, however there is no forwarding address available CCR then flag this record.

Why use goneaway screening?

  • Avoid wasted postage
  • Reduce brand damage caused by inappropriate mailings
  • Improve your response rates
  • 6 million people move house per year in the UK

We use a combination of industry leading suppression files to ensure that we provide the most accurate goneaway service available.


Compiled and distributed by Acxiom, Purity contains approximately 20 million goneaway records collected during the supplier’s 15+ years’ experience of handling consumer data. The file is created using entirely validated mover information, cross referencing different data feeds and only adding a record to the file when evidence of a ‘move-in’ confirms an existing ‘move-out’ from an address.

  • Source: Acxiom
  • Update frequency: Monthly

Absolute Movers

Absolute Movers is the leading source for identifying individuals that have moved (goneaway screening). Private and public data sources are used to accurately identify and validate individuals that have left an address.

  • Source: Experian
  • Update frequency: Monthly


disConnect from Equifax contains the details of over 37 million individual house moves, with over 400,000 new records every month. Next, data is cross-referenced from a variety of sources to identify individuals who have moved and can be used to remove erroneous records from your database.

  • Source: Equifax
  • Update frequency: Monthly

National Change of Address (Consumer Suppress)

The National Change of Address Suppress service contains information of those consumers who have ticked the ‘opt out’ box when registering for the re-direction service. Information does not appear on this file until after the redirection period ends. This file also contains data supplied by the Royal Mail sourced from postal returns (goneaways and deceased), confirmed goneaways and historic suppression files and redirection data.

  • Source: Royal Mail
  • Update frequency: Monthly

Business Changes File (Business Suppress)

The Business Changes File from Royal Mail combines Royal Mail business re directions, Dunn & Bradstreet data and other third party data to track monitor and update changes to business information such as businesses that have ceased trading or moved premises.

  • Source: Royal Mail
  • Update frequency: Monthly