Data cleansing enables you to keep in contact with current customers on the move by utilising a movers service. Therefore, where a customer has moved and we have a forwarding address we are able to provide this to you. As a result, communication can be uninterrupted and the customer or donor retained.

Why use a Movers Address Update service?

  • Avoid wasted postage
  • Re engage with lost customers or supporters
  • Improve your response rates
  • 6 million people move house per year in the UK

We use several industry leading movers address update files which follow data protection guidelines:

Absolute Contacts

Absolute Contacts is the UK’s premier source for identifying home movers. It is used to confirm an individual has certainly left an address. The Edited Electoral Roll and other compliant sources of information are then utilised to verify that they are currently resident at the new address. This ensures only genuine address changes are identified within Absolute Contacts.

  • Source: Experian
  • Update frequency: Monthly

National Change of Address (NCOA Update)

The National Change of Address file (NCOA) provides a more recent address for consumers who have moved house and subscribed to Royal Mail’s redirection service.  Hence this file consists of individuals that have not ‘opted out’. Therefore this allows their information to be passed on to third parties for marketing purposes.

  • Source: Royal Mail
  • Update frequency: Monthly


Created by Equifax and using multiple data feeds, reConnect claims to identify a ‘move’ earlier in the process. As a result it gets information to the marketer faster than other similar products. The file contains more than 20 million records.

  • Source: Equifax
  • Update frequency: Monthly

Business Changes File (Business Updates)

The Business Changes File from Royal Mail combines Royal Mail business redirections, Dunn & Bradstreet data and other third party data to track, monitor and update changes to business information on a monthly basis. Hence the Business Updates service enables organisations to identify companies that have moved premises, and replace old address information with new contact details.

  • Source: Royal Mail
  • Update frequency: Monthly