What is Data Cleaning?

Data cleaning is quite simply a series of routines which correct data quality issues.

Data changes at an alarming rate. Hence once you have communicated with a customer or prospect there is a 20% chance that their information will change within 30 days.

Therefore data decay at this alarming rate must be addressed.

Data cleaning is built upon tried and tested routines which:

Standardise & normalize data

Changing irregularities in data such as Rd to Road and reformatting of address lines i.e. Address line 1,2,3 Town, County, Postcode. Case normalization also occurs which improves basic address quality, thus improving the matching or data and improvement in data accuracy.

PAF validate and enhance

Using the Royal Mail’s postal address file (PAF) or a countries equivalent to validate and enhance records with the correct delivery address. As a result this process also enables the identification of business and international address which can then be actioned separately. Hence this is a key step in data cleaning.


Grouping and flagging records which are essentially the same whether it be at individual, family, household, company or contact level (see intricacies of deduplication). It’s noteworthy that data cleaning cannot be accurately completed without deduplication.

Remove goneaways, deceased, ceased trading businesses and movers

Flagging records within the data which are no longer marketable as they have moved etc. This is an important step to reducing cost and protecting your brand. Do you really want to market to an individual who has passed away? Utilising the leading industry data cleaning sources enables data cleaning to be completed and vast savings made.

Free data cleaning audit

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