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Data Enrichment – CCR Data Ltd

Data Enrichment

Add depth and insight to your data

You cannot create an effective marketing campaign without knowing the facts about your customers or prospects. But don’t worry, CCR can help with data enrichment services.

As well as working with you on data migration and data cleansing projects, we can also help enrich your data. This will give you a better view of your data and help you understand your prospects completely.

This can be done by using Data enhancement, Email append, Wealth profiling or all three!


The benefits to you

There a large number of benefits bought to you data enrichment:

  • Fill the holes in your data for a full understanding of prospects
  • Don’t waste money on ineffective campaigns
  • Save money by sending the right messages to the right people
  • Get the results your business needs with targeted campaigns
  • Find the best new prospects and increase return of investment

So, let us help you create a complete view of your customers with our innovative and effective data enrichment tools.

Data enhancement

Refine your marketing strategy and target data based on important variables and demographic details such as telephone numbers and dates of birth. We deliver high quality results using the industry’s leading classification system, MOSAIC. And we have  access the UK’s most accurate and complete business data source to offer SIC codes, employee size and senior decision makers.

Email append

Enhance your database with email addresses using our email append data enrichment service. We have over 39 million opt-in records, all validated to ensure deliverability. We can also help you append mailing addresses to email data. With our free data audit we can find out how many email addresses we can append.

Wealth profiling

Identify wealthy customers and prospects using wealth profiling. Over 250,000 of the wealthiest people in the UK could be at your fingertips. You can use our wealth screening service to tag records who are liquid asset millionaires. Further information is also available via snapshot, standard or full reports.

So you see, by filling in the gaps and enhancing your existing data, you’re turning basic data into valuable knowledge.

Call us now on 01980 592 999 for more information on how CCR can help you with data enrichment.  Don’t forget to ask about your free data audit.

CCR are now able to offer your business a full range of Document Scanning services.