Business Data Enrichment

With the increasing cost of marketing and the need to get the best possible return on investment, your data is the foundation to build upon. Hence business data enrichment is a proven way to improve the return on investment from your data.

To put it simply, by ensuring you are contacting the right prospect with the best product:

  • You won’t waste time, money and effort by contacting the wrong people
  • You’ll improve your response rates
  • You’ll increase your return on investment
  • Your data will be a powerful source of valuable information

Business data enrichment sources

The National Business Database is the single most comprehensive data source in the UK, and is unrivalled in the market. It is the only source of business information containing both Thomson Directories and Yellow Pages data, along with a unique combination of 8 other data sets. This means we have access to over 4 million records, covering 5 million decision makers in the UK.

There are a number of data sources available to make business data enrichment possible however we believe the National Business Database has all the attributes needed to meet the ever changing needs of UK business to business organisations.

Business data

Here is some of the vital information that we can obtain for your database using our business data enrichment services:

  • Employee size
  • Financial information such as turnover
  • SIC codes and industry classifications
  • Senior decision makers

Free data audit

Before enriching your data you should consider a data cleansing service, this improves the matching accuracy and reduces cost.

All of your options from data cleansing to data enhancement can be identified with a free data audit. Go ahead and contact the experts at CCR now to arrange your free data audit and begin adding power to your data.

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