Data Enhancement

Would you like add further information to your database which will help you achieve better results from your marketing campaigns?

Our expert knowledge and innovative data enhancement tools can help you gain a deeper understanding and insight into your data.

What we do to

If you have holes in your database, we can help fill them with important information such as telephone numbers, email addresses, MOSAIC classifications and dates of birth.

How data enhancement helps you

By having a better understanding of your customers and prospects, you will be sure that you are sending the right messages to the right targets. You’ll also be saving money on ineffective campaigns.  This will lead to increased response rates and a better return on investment.

In addition data enhancement enables you to append variables to allow additional contact methods such as email addresses or telephone numbers.

What sort of data we can add

We have access to the most accurate and validated sources of information, ensuring the best results for you. There are a host of variables available which provide effective business intelligence:

We are not limited to the above list and have access to various industry data sources, by using these sources we can append a multitude of additional data variables. Contact CCR to find out more.

What happens next?

We recommend that data cleansing should be carried out prior to data enhancement to reduce wastage and increase data matching accuracy. It’s important to build a good foundation of data to then add layers of information to.

But it all starts with a free data audit which will identify all of your data enhancement opportunities. For your free data audit, call 01980 592 999 today and we’ll get you started.