Date of Birth Appending

Would you like to profile or segment your database by age? Date of birth appending can aid this process.

Planning a birthday mailing?

Want to target groups of individuals with offers they are likely to respond to?

Quite simply, you won’t be able to do any of this without the date of birth of your customers or prospects. But don’t worry, CCR can help. With our vast data experience and knowledge of matching routines we are able to offer date of birth appending for virtually any volume of data.

Date of birth appending source

ConsumerView from Experian provides a single, definitive and consistent view of the UK adult population.  It contains a broad and accurate range of demographic, socioeconomic and behavioural characteristics on each adult and household in the UK.

Comprising of around 49  million individuals, ConsumerView is a combination of the Edited Electoral Roll, including updates from the monthly rolling register, Experian’s proprietary data assets, partnerships with other data owners and other compliant data sources.

CCR use ConsumerView as a primary source of data for date of birth appending.

Likely outcome

It’s difficult to estimate the likely outcome you can expect using out date of birth appending service however we would hope to be able to append date of birth to 25% of your data.

The best way to know for sure is to get your free data audit.

Your  free data audit

We’d like to offer you a free data audit so you can sample the results for yourself.

Simply submit a file to CCR and we will report back with the number of records which we can append a date of birth to. We’ll even separate the results by match level and explain what it all means.

To arrange a free audit and see how many dates of birth we can append, please call 01980 592 999.