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Email Append – CCR Data Ltd

Email Append

Add emails to your database

Email Append is a simple, cost-effective way of adding email addresses to individuals on your customer database.

We have a total volume of 46 million records, including over 24 million unique records, and we typically match between 10% – 20% of email addresses to your database.

The data is a pooled database of opted-in email addresses from different suppliers. It is derived from various data sources including lifestyle questionnaires, transactional websites and online questionnaires.

We use sophisticated software to verify current and existing email addresses. This sends an email to each email address to check whether it is valid. We also detect duplicate entries and any invalid email addresses.

We comply with the Privacy and Electronic Communications Act 2003 and the Direct Marketing Association best practice guidelines 2007.

During the data audit, or as a separate process, we match the supplied data to the email append database and calculate the quantity of matched addresses.

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