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Email Appending Services – CCR Data Ltd

Email Appending Services

Email is increasingly being used by organisations to improve communications with customers and prospects. Different consumers interact with brands in different ways, and email is a method of communication which is being used more and more to reach consumers who do not respond to traditional contact methods. Use email appending services from CCR to improve your email address population.

The majority of databases have some or very little population of email addresses. So, it’s almost impossible to accurately judge the effectiveness of email marketing if you are only able to contact a small percentage of your database?

Email marketing facts

46% of UK consumers have made purchase after receiving an email message

Emails targeted to customer loyalty programs have a 40% higher open rate

84% of B2B marketers use segment targeting in their email campaigns

72% of marketing companies rate email as “good” or “excellent” in terms of ROI

59% of B2B marketers say email is the most effective channel in generating revenue

How to fill the email gaps

CCR are able to append email addresses where you do not have them. Our file of 46 million opt-in personalised email addresses gives you the ability to match by name and address to append an email address. Quite simply email appending services fill the email gaps.

Free email appending data audit

We have achieved over 40% match rates for some of our clients. We expect to be able to append emails to 15% of your database but this will depend on the demographics of your data.

We’d like to offer you a free audit so you can sample the results for yourself.

To arrange a free audit and see how email appending services can help you, please call 01980 592 999.