The way we work, live and think affects our behaviour and our business and buying decisions. Wouldn’t it be incredible if we had access to each of our prospects lifestyle and consumer behaviour? Well, MOSAIC allows us to do just that.

What is MOSAIC?

MOSAIC UK is Experian’s consumer classification tool which places each postcode and household into 67 types, which are grouped into 15 categories.

Each type has a detailed description which will tell you likely characteristics such as which media people are more likely to respond to, purchasing trends, holiday habits, housing types and tenure, likely leisure pursuits and life stage.

From this information, you can build up a picture of the people on your database which can then be analysed further or used to purchase new data of people who match the profile of your current customers and supporters.

The benefits to you

Using specifically targeted demographic data, you can analyse consumer behaviour, understand potential risk and identify investment opportunities.

It is possible to spend hours, weeks or even months building your own data profiling solution based on variables available however by using MOSAIC enables you to access a tried and tested solution.

How to use MOSAIC

We use the MOSAIC profiling tool to segment your data into pre-defined groups and types. Once data is coded, we can provide bespoke analysis and reporting on the make-up of your data which can help inform your marketing, positioning and strategic decisions.

We always recommend that data cleansing takes place first as this will improve the quality of MOSAIC profiling. Get your free data audit to find out more about data cleansing and additional data enrichment opportunities.

For more information and to see an example MOSAIC report, call us on 01980 592 999.

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