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Wealth Screening – CCR Data Ltd

Wealth Screening

Use wealth screening to pin point the wealthy individuals in your database.

Wealth screening data source

CCR Data is a partner of Prospecting for Gold’s Wealth Intelligence Database, the largest factual database of this type in the UK. Over the last 14 years, the database has expanded to contain over 250,000 of the wealthiest UK individuals, and is growing by 800 entries per month.

The database is researched by consultants using public domain information and it contains details of up to 40 attributes on each individual, including:

  • Wealth bands and profiles.
  • Investment types.
  • Philanthropic and charitable propensity.

Wealth screening service

We can check your pool of customers or donors against this database to reveal more information and, typically, identify the wealthiest people on your list. On average, there is a 0.5% – 5% match rate.

We will supply a Preliminary Match Report containing unrestricted data which shows the quality of matched and demographic statistics for the matched records. You can use this to prioritise pools of prospective customers or donors to target your communications more effectively.

The details for over 80% of the individuals listed on this database have not been bought by any client, and this list will never be used as a mailing file.

Wealth screening process

CCR pioneered this service many years ago and have a vast experience in working with data to screen for wealth. In fact we are so confident in our processes that we feel confident enough to make the bold claim of having the most effective wealth screening service in the market.

In order to discover who your wealthy individuals are, simply contact us to arrange your free data audit. This report will provide the initial insight completely free of charge, reports are completed and supplied to you within 48 hours.

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