Data Migration Aftercare

The care (or the data migration aftercare of the post migration) of your data and system is a business critical requirement.

There are always some data items that are more significant than others and where data accuracy is essential, typically these are entities such as Customers or Products and may include highly confidential information that must be correct.

We have put together a product based around Master Data Management * to help stop the degradation of your data at input, export and capture stages.


Whether we have performed data services for you before or you just want to know how your data is managed we would strongly recommend our Data Process Audit

If we have performed data services for you before we can use our understanding of this (Using the Data Quality Rules DQR’s if they exist) to audit the data processes.

This has been the starting point for The Data Quality Policy for a number of organisations.


Data Process Audit

It starts with a half day (possibly free) Data Process Audit where we will go through your data to understand where all the touch points are and to check your current business rules and processes (if they exist).

We are trying to stop the degradation of data at its input/import/change phase.

The outcome of this will be the beginnings of your Master Data Management Protocol Document (MDMP).


Master Data Management Protocol Document

This is a central document available to all relevant staff to manage data quality and will identify the data touch points, check data input protocol with suggestions on how this should happen. It will also investigate your compliance for:-

Regulatory policies

  • Opt in/out
  • Legal data requirements
  • Data protection
  • Data Security

Local Policies

  • Client requirements
  • Data retention
  • Archiving strategy


It will offer advice and suggestions on on-going data support and data maintenance to include data cleansing, de-duplication and enrichment as well.