Salesforce Data Migration

We were an earlier adopter of Salesforce and have been working with their clients and partners since 2006.

We now specialise in migrating data to and from Salesforce and are working with a number of Salesforce Integration Partners as well as directly with the end users such as Chanel, Marks and Spencer, News UK and Value Retail.

Salesforce is the CRM of choice for an increasing number of some of the largest enterprises around. It is being used as a platform upon which sophisticated specialist applications are being written.

When you join the 80,000 companies who rely on this dynamic, low-cost, web-based CRM solution, you’ll avoid the hassle of software or hardware installations, cumbersome upgrades and tedious training.


Salesforce AppExchange

With our experience of both data and Salesforce we have and are developing Applications that sit on the Salesforce AppExchange. Clam V1 and Clam V2 are simple deduplication tools which allows the user to decide on the validity of the duplicated record. These have proved very popular with numerous worldwide down loads and very positive feedback.


Chris Lance – “Amazing product!

If you have no budget for data cleanup, but you have 1000s of duplicates to deal with (in our case from doing two data migrations) then you couldn’t ask for a better application!

I’m pairing this app with some creative rules to flag the duplicate records in SQL. I then then feed in the updates to the CLAM fields for the IDs I’ve identified as duplicates via the Data Loader. Finally, utilize the extremely simple to use Multiple Merge feature from the CLAM UI and done – the result so far is I’ve managed merge over 10,000 duplicate accounts in a few hours of light work!”

Brendan Le Thuaut –“Useful app working perfectly

Just got 2000 accounts to merge into 2000 others and it worked perfectly ! Pretty useful and a lot of possibilities in term of merging rules. Would be better if it uses apex jobs instead of api requests”


If you have any questions about data migration and data cleansing for Salesforce, call us on 01980 592 999.