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Document Scanning Process – CCR Data Ltd

Document Scanning Process

What CCR do during the document scanning process

Our aim is to make the document scanning process as easy as possible for every clients, so we offer a full end-to-end service for your scanning and archiving needs. CCR have worked across many industries, helping solve some extremely complex scanning challenges.

Collection and delivery

We are very happy to organise regular or ad-hoc collections and deliveries depending on your requirements.

Document preparation

Each document scanning process starts with the proper preparation which can range from literally blowing dust off of boxes to removing staples to full collation of complex documents. This will also allow us to offer the right solution for your business needs.

Full Scanning

We have capacity to scan literally millions of documents per day on numerous scanning machines and in all formats.

Scanning on demand

If you don’t need all documents scanned then why not save costs, time and space by allowing us to store your important documents securely whilst enjoying the benefits of fast digital retrieval by “calling off” the required document as needed.

If you need a file quickly, all you need to do is put in a request to a member of our team and we can guarantee to retrieve it and supply it digitally direct to your desktop within a pre-determined timeframe.

Indexing/ archiving

We have been indexing archiving and data capturing both on shore and off shore for many years depending on the required client solution and have a number of searchable database solutions available.

Supply/delivery back by CCR

Images can be supplied back in any format CD-ROM, DVD memory stick, portable hard drive or raw data in designated folders


Images can be indexed in a fully searchable database, complete with document management software for use in all the current Windows operating environments or more recently as a cloud solution.


We provide a range of cost effective solutions for you to safely store your documents at our secure premises with manned 24 hour security and CCTV. We hold paper and digital copies for our clients.


We can arrange both secure and unsecure destruction depending on the your requirements


As you would expect we are fully secure and compliant to all data security and data privacy protocol please see our Data Security Policy