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Scanning on Demand – CCR Data Ltd

Scanning on Demand

Scanning on demand services offered by CCR


Scanning on demand services are a core strength of CCR’s document scanning expertise.

If you don’t need all documents scanned then why not save costs, time and space by allowing us to store your important documents securely whilst enjoying the benefits of fast digital retrieval by “calling off” the required document as needed.

If you need a file quickly, all you need to do is put in a request to a member of our team and we can guarantee to retrieve it and supply it digitally direct to your desktop within a pre-determined timeframe.

CCR are a service focused scanning company providing bespoke a scanning solutions for many companies, so if you are short of document storage space, talk to CCR and we can provide a service tailored to your exact needs, including storing your documents, scanning on demand everything required and sending digitally to wherever you need the information.

Literally hundreds of thousands of documents are scanned on demand with CCR every week. We scan in the best format for our clients needs, this can be in black and white, grayscale or full colour, allowing images to be fully scalable. CCR also have the technology to vectorise images for uploading into AutoCAD.

CCR are able scan documents of virtually any type for you, ranging from the smallest images to books or plans and drawings, up to A0 size, things like CAD drawings or maps and architectural plans.

Find out more about the benefits of document scanning and what we can scan for you.