Four Paws Response Handling for Raisers Edge

The Client

For almost two decades, Four Paws has consistently and successfully focused on one goal: to help animals – abused due to economic, scientific or other reasons – to their rights. Their vision is a world without animal suffering. Four Paws is an international organisation who has only been actively fundraising in the UK since 2007.

The Challenge

Due to increased response volumes generated from mailing campaigns the fundraising department were over capacity and unable to manage the maintenance of the systems, the banking of donations and the response to thank individuals for their valuable donation.


To extract data from the legacy platform and integrate with Blackbaud Europe’s Raisers Edge donor database system. Cleaning and standardising data as part of this import process.

To outsource the entire banking and thanking operation leaving the fundraising department to concentrate on designing further campaigns and develop donor loyalty programs.

To create a link to Raiser’s Edge through a Citrix Server via a WAN link. This enables capture directly on to their database and avoid synchronisation issues.


After 2 months planning and a 2 week migration CCR provided a seamless integration onto a Raisers Edge database. This was designed as a hosted solution removing the client management issues and allowing remote access.

Four Paws are now able to access clean manageable data on Raisers Edge, data is considerably easier to segment, select and export for mailing campaigns.

In addition all information such as change of address and goneaways which have always been captured by CCR are now captured directly into raisers Edge. CCR also bank donations and mail thank you letters removing the resource issues being faced by Four Paws.


This solution enables the client to manage what they can and outsource to CCR what they can’t. Giving them peace of mind that everything will be completed in a timely manner and without the worry of every being in the same situation of struggle again.

With the migration project completed and the management of the data itself outsourced to CCR the fundraising department at Four Paws are now able to focus on increasing the donor loyalty and create strategies to increase the average donation.

Most important of all to the client however is the considerable reduction in donor acquisition costs through accurate data management and the improved segmentation that this brings.

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