Mail shot venture is a soaring success

Two former school friends who teamed up to launch their own business have seen the Salisbury venture go from success to success. It was just three years ago that Henry Sykes and Edward Spicer set up a mailing house called CCR Ltd in a former aircraft hangar at Old Sarum. Now from small beginnings they employ six full-time employees and are looking to double the size of the operation in the next year and take on even more staff. ” The mail shot market has really taken off in the last two or three years,” said Mr Spicer (27). ” What we do is quite simple. Any company doing a mail shot uses someone like us. We receive their mailing lists, we clean and list the post codes and remove duplicate names and then laser print, place in envelopes and dispatch, getting discount from the Royal Mail because of the bulk. At present we hold 23 million business addresses.


Mr Sykes (30), from Bickton, Fordingbridge, has a background in computers while Mr Spicer has been in sales and was a Lloyds of London insurance broker. Both men, who became friends at school, met up again and thanks to a mutual friend who had premises at Old Sarum, were able to take on a hangar on what is now the Old Sarum industrial park. ” If the current work levels continue, we shall be growing and could double our size during the coming year,” predicted Mr Spicer.