Merging Offline and Online Databases Can Result in a 10% Increase in Orders

Difficult economic conditions have put pressure on all businesses to find new and effective ways to generate revenue and increase ROI. E-mail marketing is seen by many as the panacea to this challenge – so much so that research shows that against a backdrop of tighter marketing budgets only two marketing tactics received more money in 2009: email and social media [*]. To Ed Spicer, MD of Data experts CCR Data, this research is no surprise; ‘over the last year a large number of clients have increasingly asked us for help with their e-mail activity and specifically how they could utilise their existing databases for e-mail marketing’.

With other evidence indicating that nearly 50% of recipients of [**] permission e-mails then went on to make a purchase it’s not surprising that e-mail is seen as a recession buster for many marketers… ‘At CCR we recognised the need ton help our customers convert their existing postal databases into fully compliant e-mail databases. This way they could contact existing customers and prospects via e-mail. Because of this we launched ‘e-mail append’, a solution that effectively matches a clients database onto a pool of permission based e-mails’. A number of CCRs retail customers have already taken advantage of this unique product and as e-mail continues its ascent as the marketing tool of choice it’s a safe bet to assume we will be hearing a lot more of solutions such as e-mail append.

If figures indicating that integrating offline and online databases (effectively merging postal data with e-mail data) can result in an increase in order sizes by 10% [***] then smart companies will defintely be looking at bringing their offline databases into the online world.

* Marketing Sherpa ** *** Responsys


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