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White Papers – CCR Data Ltd

White Papers

Intricacies of Deduplication

Understand deduplication- why should you deduplicate data, duplication levels, master record selection and manging duplicates.

Top Ten Tips For Data Cleaning Success

Data cleansing should be regularly performed on any database of customers or prospects. Data is an integral part of a communications strategy enabling a company to provide excellent customer service and effectively manage the customer or prospect relationship.

Top Ten Tips For Data Migration Success

Research shows that more than 50% of data migration projects run late and/or over budget, the most common reason cited is that of “poor quality data” (2011 Bloor Research).

Wealth Profiling – Find The Golden Egg

Wealth profiling is a form of data enrichment which quite simply adds factual wealth related variables to your database. Information such as wealth band or investment type can provide huge insight into the value of a customer or prospect.