Wolves sign CCRs’ ADAM


To bolster its direct marketing strategies, Championship football club Wolverhampton Wanderers (Wolves) has appointed data management firm CCR as its preferred data cleansing supplier and is amongst the first to use CCR’s new data cleansing and enrichment solution, ADAM. ADAM was launched onto the market last month following successful trials and it is the first product of its kind in the UK to include both Equifax and Experian new address data as well as data enrichment solutions such as factual wealth information and Facebook data.

Laura Gabbidon , Marketing Manager at Wolves comments, “Having a clean and accurate database is an essential foundation for evolving and delivering our supporter development strategy. ADAM will play an essential role in this, with CCR already having drilled down into our data and objectives to provide us with an in depth view of our core data issues and the opportunities we have across different segments of our database. We’re confident that this insightful and measured approach will help us to improve the return on investment of our direct marketing campaigns.”

Wolves has been investing in data for several years and, in that time, has seen a dramatic increase in the size of its database and the value of its data records. Through extensive data analysis it has introduced new products that have created new revenue streams, grown existing ones and delivered measurable commercial gain. CCR’s appointment is therefore an important one in further enhancing the effectiveness of the Club’s data-led marketing strategy.

Through the use of ADAM as its data cleansing platform, Wolves will be able to deduplicate files, update movers’ addresses, flag deceased records and, screen for goneaways. There will also be the potential for them to enhance their database by appending wealth indicators, social media interests, lifestyle and demographic data as well as telephone and email details. CCR’s team of data experts will help Wolves with each campaign, advising on which aspects of ADAM are required (depending on the data and campaign objectives), checking the data as it is input and quality-checking the data output before delivering it back to the client.

Chris Turner, Director of Business Development at CCR, comments, “We believe that Adam is arguably the most advanced data cleansing and enrichment solution on the market. That’s why Equifax and Experian have made us the only company that they both trust with their best data. For Wolves, the important thing is ADAM’s unique data and processing technology will lead to superior accuracy in data matching while our ability to provide segmented auditing and cleansing means the right data can be managed in the right way.”

The benefits of ADAM for Wolves cover two aspects of data-based marketing:

From a data cleansing perspective it will enable Wolves to save money as a result of reducing mailing numbers through the removal of inaccurate or out-of-date data and increasing response rates at the same time. ADAM will also ensure that Wolves complies with DMA best practice guidelines and, ultimately, will protect its brand as a result of limiting the potential for inappropriately or incorrectly addressed communications.

From the perspective of data enhancement, ADAM has the potential to open up new customer contact methods for Wolves and add a depth of insight that will make it possible for the Club to make informed marketing decisions around its supporters, with segmentation at a deeper level.

As part of the development process for ADAM, CCR has taken time to assess and validate the data cleansing suppression files in the industry, checking aspects such as their collation method through to validation routines, to ensure that only the best data sources are included in the platform. All selected supplier data files are loaded into ADAM on a bi-monthly basis to ensure that updates and file changes are accurately and effectively managed.